Molly Charles

Contemporary Romance Author


   Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness

Molly Charles is the pseudonym of team writers Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness.

Lifelong friends, the award-winning duo grew up in Washington’s wine country. Jena was a staff editor and travel writer for Sunset Magazine in Seattle. Joanne was an international flight attendant for Pan American Airlines with travel assignments around the world. Both love travel adventures, dogs of all shapes and sizes, gardening, the arts, reading, and writing Molly Charles books. They are drawn again and again to the beauty and romance of the Hawaiian Islands—the setting for their current novel.

The London setting of their first novel, Chasing Galahad, was no accident. Jena and Joanne have an innate love of travel. Jena lived and studied in London as a teenager; Joanne traveled to England regularly as an international flight attendant. They updated much of their research on a visit to London and other parts of the British Isles

And when they set out to write Passion Flowers, it was natural that they were drawn to another favorite travel destination--Maui. They want their readers to share in the spirit of Aloha, which is romance itself.

Team writing is a mystery to some, but remember collaboration on writing projects is a common occurrence. (Think television scripts!). Both Jena and Joanne write independently as well. They love writing as Molly Charles and hope you will enjoy their stories!






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